Developer's thoughts - last update 20180829

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Developer's thoughts - last update 20180829

Post by ntnll » Tue May 15, 2018 2:01 pm

Project status

I'm still really happy to program the plugin. The donation are just enough to pay the hosting for this domain, but I'm a 124thATC user, I like it, and I definitely appreciate the happy feedback I receive from all the users across the world. This is enough for me.

The ratio between the donations and the monthly downloads (around 21.000 in last build), are definitely really LOW, and this is quite concerning. I don't program the plugin for money, but probably it deserves a depth reflection about the users response to donation-ware licensing model.

Why a dedicated forum

I have been struggling in the last year providing support to the community.
I had to deal with thousand emails, different external forums and websites, deal with the documentation. I realised that I used to spent a lot of time providing support, stealing time and energy from the plugin development. This is a free/donation-ware project, the resources are limited.

I decided to set up the forum in order to have a hub for all the communications. I hope to reduce the huge amount of email that I receive every week, avoid answering different times to the same questions, and ask the community to collaborate and help supporting each other. A forum is the best tool I found.

I will not provide further support via email,, x-plane[.it|.es|.fr|.de], X-Pilot, Avsim, Aerosoft, etc.. not time for that.
The official language is english, please do not post in other languages.

Alpha and Beta testing

Plesae read this thread.

I love it. I'll try to give a basic support via some workaround (probably custom actions), in the next builds, full support in the future, I hope.


I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the people who have already donated. And thanks also to all the other users that are contributing to the project in different ways. Thanks for using 124thATC.

124thATC Developer

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