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Post by skmcconnell361 » Sun Mar 10, 2019 2:18 am

Hello, I have been a flight simmer sense, Sublogic Flight simulator on the Commodore 64. I know I just show my age there LOL. I have used mostly Microsoft Flight Simulator all the way through FSX: Steam Edition. After Windows 10 April update FSX Steam stop working and I switched over to P3Dv4.

I had X-Plane since version 9 but only used version 9 and 10 once in a great while when I needed to focus on aircraft handling and not worry that much about lack of airports compared to MSFS. Also, I found VFR flight almost impossible in X-Plane 10 and Prior. I always felt that X-Plane hade the better flight models or dynamics, but the MSFS was the clear winner in the scenery department. I have long wished that there was a way to merge X-Planes flight dynamics with FSX scenery. After X-Plane 11 came out, I found VFR flight in my local area possible. Meaning I could take off and follow the Missouri River and Find the lake that is right next to my home town airport. The Runway was there in 9 and 10 but the lake was not. I also found other natural landmarks that served as VFR check Points. then I discovered the Prefab Scenery for 25000 airports, X-Plane 11 plus the Prefab Scenery is pretty close to what I have long wished for. Now P3Dv4 and XP11 are competing for my simulator time.

ATC in X-Plane has been a non-starter as far as I was concerned, I would fly without other traffic or ATC or use Xsquawkbox. only used 124thATC a couple of times so far which is twice as much as I have used the horrible default ATC. At least 124thATC seam like something I can use for offline flights.

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