Strange flight plan

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Strange flight plan

Post by jgplarnold » Wed Jul 29, 2020 8:19 am

I have 'flown' a very short flight by b738 and the directions given by atc appeared very strange and as such I nearly ran out of fuel.
Can anyone suggest why atc (124thatc) 'directed me on such a very long flight for what really should have been a short flight.
I have attached the flight plan and screen shot of the (XPlane11) MAP showing the flight plane. Note that I was directed WEST out as far as BATHURST for what seemed to be no reason.

(added later)
Well the 3 files I attached to this thread are not here. I wonder why not?
I edited my thread and added 1 of the files again, submitted and it too is not there. I can hardly expect anyone to reply if they can't see the image of the map showing the flight plan taken.
Is there something wrong with this forum to prevent files being attached? Never had this problem on other forums.

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