windows 10 compatible with?

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windows 10 compatible with?

Post by oggmeista »

Hi am getting conflicting understanding/information as to the compatibility of this plugin, have checked the FAQ, and i find no confirmation either way..

In some information it states for xplane 10 only yet in other sections including the instructions title, it states xplane 10 and 11 :roll: ...I have tried it on my xplane-11 (i have xplane-10 as well) and am not sure if it's working correctly, i think it is , so i wanted confirmation, but unfortuneatly i am getting conflicting instructions, unless i've missed something obvious :? which i probably have :lol:

If someone could clarify it would be very helpfull

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Re: windows 10 compatible with?

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Yes, 124thatc work with Xplane11 and Windows 10.
I don't know concerning Xplane 10.
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