New to 124th: incorrect SID/STAR assignment

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New to 124th: incorrect SID/STAR assignment

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I tried 124thATC on a flight from KLAS to KLAX and ran into followin issues.

1. Hoping for dynamic SID/STAR assignment, I filed WHIGG HEC RESOR DAWNA CIVET BINDY ARNES. I didn't file any SID/STAR and took off.
ATC gave me departure runway at 08L but never given me SID.

2. Heading 260 at FL250, passed HEC. Only after passing HEC 10 nmiles, ATC gave me SEAVUS2 and it seemed like it was having me intercept ENGLI or RECOX but not exactly. Path almost merged with them but was not on exact intercept course. Halfway between ENGLI and RECOX flying parallel to SEAVUS2, the ATC gave me new heading 074 and had me go all the way toward SEAVUS however after passing SEAVUS for 2 nmils, it gave me new heading 084. I kept flying toward Arizona and at this point I stopped X-plane.

What did I do wrong here and should do in order to get correct SID and STAR assignment?
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