Nav Data file setup for 124thATC...... ??

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Nav Data file setup for 124thATC...... ??

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I am trying to obtain and set up the files 124thATC needs to run. Is the following complete and correct? Thanks….

1. Obtain the six files listed below from the Navigraph website and copy them to "Xplane folder \ Resources \ plugins \ 124thATC64 \ navdata" folder.


2. Copy these same six files and put them in "Xplane folder \ Custom Data" folder. Thus tese six files will exits in two different places.

3. Question: Do I also need to also download the FAACIFP18 file from the FAA website and place it in the "Xplane folder \ Customer Data" folder? If so, do I need to rename the FAACIFP18 file to Earth424_dat?

4. Will the above do it? Am I missing something?
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