Strange vectoring after update to 124thATCv2.0-a61

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Strange vectoring after update to 124thATCv2.0-a61

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Hi Antonello,

Happy to help testing new version a61 to which I upgraded this morning. I tried my usual test flight, IFR KGRF to KCLM, adding the waypoints suggested by RouteFinder, i.e.:

CARRO 309 17 N47°17'38.02" W122°51'27.85" CARRO
JUVGA 355 7 N47°24'40.21" W122°50'29.53" JUVGA
ARPEE 355 25 N47°50'02.32" W122°46'57.41" ARPEE
DIGGN 355 7 N47°56'49.82" W122°46'00.07" DIGGN
JAWBN 319 6 N48°01'54.25" W122°50'35.65" JAWBN
WATTR 318 8 N48°08'21.34" W122°56'27.96" WATTR
STVOH 264 13 N48°09'22.59" W123°16'07.02" STVOH

Please find into log.txt the following lines (line 2090..2093):

124thATC v2.0-a61 11:53:50: Waypoint switch cause: fix reached. Old navigation point 0 CARRO. Fix reached at speed: 62, next heading diff: 45.24
124thATC v2.0-a61 11:53:50: Next navigation point: 1 JUVGA ... Lat: 47.411171 Lon: -122.841537
124thATC v2.0-a61 11:53:50: Communication: EC XPV, turn right heading 334.
124thATC v2.0-a61 11:53:55: Communication: turn right heading 334, EC XPV

I turned hdg 334 but I never reached JUVGA, leaving it about 10 mls on my right. After that I was handled to Approach, but instead of being vectored to ARPEE, i was told to turn heading 126 (!?) at line 3250

124thATC v2.0-a61 11:59:58: Communication: EC XPV, turn right heading 126.

after than no more instructions from approach. Bug report attached as usual.

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