Link to ARINC 424 for Download?

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Re: Link to ARINC 424 for Download?

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BC446BG wrote: Tue Dec 15, 2020 9:25 pm Steve - Here is my plan to complete the 124atc installation:

1. I will obtain the six "normal" files from the Navigraph website and copy them to "Xplane folder \ Resources \ plugins \ 124thATC64 \ navdata" folder.

2. I will copy these same six files and put them in "Xplane folder \ Custom Data" folder.

3. If I do both of the above, do I need to download the FAACIFP18 folder? If so, I will download it from the FAA website and place it in the "Xplane folder \ Customer Data" folder. Also, do I need to rename the FAACIFP18 folder to Earth424_dat?

4. Will the above do it? Am I missing something?

5. When I go to download from Navigraph, I heard there are several formats that I have to choose from. How will I know which format to choose?

Thanks again.......
Hi mate, I'll check those files as soon I'll get back to the computer. Generally speaking you do need a cifp folder, as per instructions in the manual. Tomorrow I'll have a look into it.

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