⛑️ Support is not longer provided on this forum ⛑️

Support for any problem or bug related to 124thATC
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⛑️ Support is not longer provided on this forum ⛑️

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Hi all!
As mentioned in the dedicated thread, the support is now available only via tear 2 (pro) on Patreon, using direct messages.
No support will provide on this forum by the developer.

The reason why, is the COST in terms of hours. Any minute I focus on support, is a minute lost for coding the plugin.
All the forum features will be preserved, in order to allow people to share their knowledge and help each other. Please feel free to contribute to it.

I'll obviously keep reading and posting as well, helping when possible, but support will not guaranteed.

Most of the plugin issues are covered by the FAQs and the documentation, please read them carefully
124thATC Developer
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