ATC Voice has stopped working

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ATC Voice has stopped working

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Hi All,

I started using 124th ATC about a week ago and all was working pretty much OK. Then last night, ATC voice stopped. I still get the text and the programme seems to work OK in that regard, but there is no voice at all.

I've checked the obvious things like making sure the volume settings on the aircraft radios are correct. I've tried to trouble shoot the issue with loading different aircraft, removing the plugin, re-downloading and re-installing it, but no success. I continue to get the "text" but no voice.

I've attached a bug report below. I'd be obliged if someone could view this and advise me on how to correct things. Please be gentle, I'm not the greatest with a PC and may need my "hand held" through the process!!

Thanks in advance.
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Re: ATC Voice has stopped working

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There is no Voices.txt. Is maybe that the reason? Is this your file present in your folder?
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